Application Areas

As data centers continue to evolve in order to support cloud computing, big data analytics and the proliferation of mobile devices, enterprises are evaluating the infrastructure of hyperscale data centers to leverage components which will allow them to scale more efficiently.

Application Areas and Benefits include:

Cloud Computing

Sample applications: VMware, Red Hat KVM, Citrix Xen, Microsoft, Amazon EC2, Google App Engine

Benefits: Improved service level agreements through deterministic performance, efficient clustering allowing for elastic/scale out computing and higher performance from virtualized servers through its support of SR-IOV

Data Storage

Sample applications: Microsoft SMB Direct, Lustre

Benefits: Storage protocols over RDMA delivers higher throughput

Data Warehousing

Sample applications: Oracle RAC, IBM DB2 PureScale, Microsoft SQL

Benefits: Significantly higher job operations per second, linear scaling with cluster size, maintains table scan time in the face of exponential growth in database table sizes

Financial services

Sample applications: Low latency messaging applications include Tibco, Wombat/NYSE, IBM WebSphere MQ, Red Hat MRG, 29West/Informatica

Benefits: High performance, scalable

Web 2.0

Sample applications: Hadoop, Memcached, Eucalyptus, Cassandra

Benefits: Minimize response time, maximize jobs per second, enable to build highly scalable infrastructure