By Bill Lee

The IBTA is excited to announce the publication of Enabling the Modern Data Center – RDMA for the Enterprise, a booklet that expands on the application and value of RDMA in data centers serving the enterprise, the cloud, and the World Wide Web. This booklet is a companion to Introduction to InfiniBand™ for End Users, a mini-book describing the basic concepts behind InfiniBand and the value that InfiniBand delivers to the high-performance computing (HPC) and enterprise data center communities. The new Enabling the Modern Data Center – RDMA for the Enterprise resource is geared toward an audience of data center architects, IT managers, Chief Technology Officers and Chief Information Officers—key data center technologists and decision makers.

Readers will get a fresh look at I/O in the data center and expand their understanding beyond wide-spread traditional assumptions that there is only one dominant I/O interface, the OS owns the network resources, and that highly efficient data transport is either unnecessary or too complicated. This book also delivers essential knowledge on how a network serves the data center and its users, the standard network stack model, and other basic concepts of network infrastructure. By having this foundation of knowledge, this booklet will help readers apply the value of RDMA to issues faced in today’s data center.

Covering topics such as RDMA in the Enterprise, RDMA Illustrated and RDMA at Work, Enabling the Modern Data Center – RDMA for the Enterprise is a strong addition to the educational materials already included in the IBTA resource library.

As companies look at how to modernize the data center toward more efficient operations, and enable self-services and high-performance data analytics, RDMA should be part of their architecture considerations.

Download the InfiniBand Trade Association’s Enabling the Modern Data Center – RDMA for the Enterprise from the IBTA Resource Library.