RoCE is RDMA over Converged Ethernet

The Enterprise Solution for The Future of Data Centers

Today’s dynamic, evolving enterprise data centers
require high performance technologies like RDMA
to support increasingly data-intensive applications
and the move to hyperscale deployments.
Data centers are undergoing epic migration from
workloads hosted on high end servers and storage
to distributed computing.
RoCE utilizes RDMA to enhance infrastructure
solutions for hyper-converged data centers,
cloud, storage, and virtualized environments.
RoCE is the most widely deployed standards-based
RDMA over Ethernet solution.
RoCE is tremendously beneficial to the speed
and performance of cloud platforms, not just through
network improvements, but through the CPU savings
organizations will see.
RoCE solves challenges of processing massive
amounts of data in hyperscale networking

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Education & Resources

The RoCE Initiative provides education and resources for the networking community and drives broader awareness surrounding end user demands for today’s next generation data centers. Technical education and reference solutions for high performance, low latency Ethernet data centers are available through our RoCE Education page.

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The RoCE Initiative is an education and resource program of the InfiniBand Trade Association.

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